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"Time-consuming endeavors" as I like to call it~ If you add up all the time I've spent on each piece of work, it adds up to a lot of time out of my life. But I enjoy each and every one like they're my offspring. :D

I :heart: comments and take time out of my day to individually reply to each one of them. It's like getting mail from friends that you don't know you have yet! :meow:

Thank you for viewing!

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Random Favourites

Glimpses of my taste in art~ And also sources for inspiration and references since I lack both quite often.


Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke
Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke



PENDING CONFIRMATION: (Waiting on preliminary sketch/payment)
1. N/A
2. N/A

1. N/A
2. N/A


Thank you for the support. My art supplies are dwindling, so you are helping me purchase the supplies to make your Commission great. :D


Unless you have a really good Request for me. Then I might think about it. :D


If you are interested in a request, please shoot me a Note with the subject as Request and in the body of the Note, describe what you want in your Request. Keep in mind that I will NOT do any of the following:

1.) Things I am not interested in
2.) Yuri, Hentai, etc. which also fall into "Things I am not interested in" :P


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Who survived the Mayan Apocalypse? 

23 deviants said I DID!! I DID!! DO I GET A PRIZE??? 8D
14 deviants said It was my only accomplishment today~ -v-
10 deviants said I...guess I did...?? *Feels too dead from everything else in life to care* x___x
4 deviants said There was an apocalypse?? o____o;;
3 deviants said I don't believe in that voodoo crap. =___=;;


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I think DA should make a way for us Deviants to post Stamps easily on our page, subscriber or non-subscriber. :nod:

Overwatch stamp logo DVa by SamThePenetrator Overwatch Stamp by CthulhuNoodles
Character Stamp by Arpie Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Anime Is Art by sambees Character Abuse by StamPorMole No Respect by MegSyv I wouldnt mind by Chocotorta Getting Over Illness Stamp by Spikytastic I Heart Purple by webgoddess Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikka The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris I love kawaii by prosaix Stamp-I Love Photoshop by haine905 XD Stamp by MimiMarieT Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo Pikachu Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Pocky Stamp by PockyPerson32 Slow interwebz by prosaix Penguin Stamp -pat- by jibirelle + DGM boys stamp + by stamps-account Shut Up You're Not Japanese by sambees Anime does not mean close mind by kat-reverie FREE TIME EVERYBODY XD by Washu-M I luff chocolate by prosaix South Korea by LifesDestiny Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Spring Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pocky Strawberry Stamp by linkhero55 Icecream Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dream Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Notes Stamp XD by AmberSea Never Judge A Deviation... by piekid The Money Stamp by Busiris I Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSaku I Like Watching Clouds by PhysicalMagic I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machine Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine Copic Fan Stamp by yanagi-san I support writing English by FragileReveries Life needs... by Ishdakitty Pokemon Stamp by In-The-Machine i am weird.. by SheilaBrinson Polar DS Luff by rosychan SMILE by Shantella Request: Men and Women Stamp by SailorSolar Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machine STAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-Charity Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose STOOPID stamp by inkscripter nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa Cute Stuff Stamp by Sonira-Stamps L stamp by Japanfanzz Lousy Homework by ToastersToastToast the truth stamp by manic-pixie Procrastination Stamp by jenepooh I draw what I want stamp by izka197 Apple Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Strawberry Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Chocolate Mousse Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love sunsets by Shantella Smart is Sexy--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub 90's Kid -STAMP- by Shantella I like Stars by OnWingsOfBlue My Heart Beats for You by delusional-dreams Fictional Love by Bakerize Stamp: Goodness by delusional-dreams Stamp: Kindness by delusional-dreams Light in Dark Places by delusional-dreams Game of Cards by delusional-dreams AAAAARRGGHH by MaruLovesStamps I Do Not Want Kids by MaruLovesStamps Kinda Fangirly by MaruLovesStamps I Love Sleeping In by MaruLovesStamps 3 AM by MaruLovesStamps I still have no idea... by ARTic-Weather Disagreements stamp by ARTic-Weather JUST DON'T DO IT by ARTic-Weather Still Smiling by MelanieBee No music by decors Those People Stamp by Sydan


1. Is Lumina Astri your real name?
It's my pen name. In Latin, it means, "The Light of the Stars". My full name "Lumina Blinn Astri", the "Blinn" refers to the twinkling noise that stars make.

2. What is it with your obsession with mushrooms?
Luminous Mushroom is simply a username I picked it back in the day when I wanted something unique but also something that meant something that shines out in the dark. "Luminous Mushroom" happened when I was exasperated that all the other MSN usernames were taken. lol Lumina Astri is a name I picked out much later since I also have a love of stars. :)

3. What do you use to draw? I bet they must be super expensive or something...
I think art is an investment that you have to be willing to make. It's expensive when you look at the price tag, but if you look at it as you're paying for every day that you use it, it doesn't seem as pricey. I use Copic Sketch Markers, Copic Multi-Liner, Sakura Micron Ink Pens, Shin Han watercolors, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet, Pentel Technical Pencils, Staedler or Tombow erasers, and sometimes cheap acrylic paints and brushes.

4. So exactly, how do you draw?
Would you also like me to explain how I breathe, sleep, and eat? Although tutorials are always good references, I feel they are quite inadequate as drawing is all about getting a feel for doing it. You DON'T get any better just by reading about how another person does it. You've just gotta go out and try it yourself! :nod:

5. Do you check your Notes often? Sometimes I send stuff to you and sometimes you don't reply...
I actually read all the Notes that people send me and I'm usually good about giving adequate replies. If I don't get back to you, it is either because:
a) the note was very rude.
b) I overlooked it accidentally.
c) I forgot about it after I read it.
I try to get back to you to the best of my ability!

6. Do you mind if I Watch you?
Not at all. If I did mind, I would have already blocked you. LOL

7. I commented, but you are not replying to it?
I read all Comments and Replies and do my best to reply to each of them! I'm just very forgetful and look things over very often which is why I miss some things. If it is a one-word comment or stupid statement, I usually do not reply to those.

8. Will you be my friend?
I am a shy person and don't add people to my DA Friend's list that easily (especially if I don't know you in real life). Feel free to shoot me messages and talk to me though! I like to make friends. :)

9. Are you Japanese?
I get this question many times in real life and on the Internet. Sometimes I even get asked if I'm half-Japanese, half-Korean. But the answer is: No, I am not Japanese. I am 100% Korean. Online as my persona Lumina Astri, I am from Mycena which is a city located high in the mountains.

10. How old are you really? I am sure you are not 188 years old as you say you are...
I used to live in Corvida, the City of Magpies before I moved to Mycena, The City of Luminescence. On the continent of Endeavor, we live a very long time. But if you really are a technical person, of course I'm not 188 years old in the real world! That would make me a pile of dust!

11. Do you prefer traditional or digital works?
Nowadays, I prefer doing traditional works to digital, but I do use Photoshop to edit some things on my traditional works before posting them here.

12. How are you?
I'm fine. lol And/or sleeping. I can never get enough sleep!

13. Do you actually look like how you draw yourself?
My drawings of myself do bear somewhat of a semblance to me, actually. It's just that I don't have purple hair. lol

14. What is your opinion on art thieves?
I've had run-ins with them at times. It's a convoluted, obnoxious job when you're trying to fix things with art thieves. A.K.A. NO I DON'T LIKE THEM.

15. Do you do Requests?
**AS OF NOW I NO LONGER TAKE REQUESTS. SORRY.** Please check my request status on my page for free slots. I do not suggest you ask me for a Request if you are an impatient person for I am a procrastinator. Just FYI.

16. Do you take Commissions?
YES!! Please check here for more information on Commissions! :D

17. Can I have your MSN?
I don't own an MSN account. lol~ I know, crazy, huh? I just don't feel like I need it. If you want to contact me, send me a note. I check DA every day. :D


Lumina Blinn Astri
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
|NAME| Lumina Blinn Astri
|AGE| 119
|LOCATION| L.M. 888 Glowurm Avenue, Mycena
|BIO| I was born from an egg but that's only half of it. I am also born from stardust and ambition. I live in a beautiful city called Mycena, The City of Luminescence, a town made up of giant glowing mushrooms. I was formerly known as Kkachii Starlet living in Corvida, The City of Magpies, before I moved here. I moved because I felt so stifled in Corvida and wanted to chase my dreams of becoming an artist. What better place to feel inspired than in a place where everything glows like magic?
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:

:spotlight-left: :iconkkachii: :spotlight-right:
Come and see some of Lumi's [not] rich artwork history.
:spotlight-left: :iconkagamineren: :spotlight-right:
Dedicated to all of the Vocaloid works that Lumi does. :3 Tis not an obsession. >____>;;
|FAVORITE CHARACTERS| Klavier Gavin (Ace Attorney), Trucy Wright (Ace Attorney), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Zack Fair (Final Fantasy), Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist), Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist), Killua (Hunter x Hunter), Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter), Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening), Lon'qu (Fire Emblem: Awakening), Shinjiro (Persona 3 Portable), Akihiko (Persona 3 Portable)

100 Themes Challenge Re-boot

Tue Jun 10, 2014, 12:32 AM
Well, my original 100 Themes Challenge is getting buried under many, many Journal entries. Plus, it's outdated since I've edited the list to match my tastes more and I needed to make a new article anyway. This is what I'll be referring to when I have those, "I want to draw something, but don't know what to draw" days.

Don't worry. I'll be posting the ones I do finish as I go along so you don't have to scramble to find them in my gallery~


1. Life
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Fantasy
6. Poison
7. Pirate
8. Heaven
9. Blood
10. Garden
11. Sadness
12. Confused
13. Freedom
14. Broken
15. Fairy Tale
16. Vampire
100 Themes: No. 16 Vampire by LucentAtelier
17. Confrontation
18. Dance
19. Storm
20. Precious
21. Happiness
22. Time
23. Warmth
24. Ice Cream
25. Insomnia
26. Solitude
27. Study
28. Silhouette
29. Evil
30. Night
31. Candyland
32. Robot
33. Mother
34. Marionette
35. Fly
36. Hero
37. Rain
38. Batman
39. Dance
40. Breaking the Rules
41. Moonlight
42. FUCK
43. Duel
44. Fashion
45. No Way Out
46. Princess
47. Do Not Disturb
48. Red Riding Hood
100 Themes: No. 48 Red Riding Hood by LucentAtelier
49. Mirror
50. Apple
100 Themes: No. 50 Apple by LucentAtelier
51. Sick
52. Panties
53. Stress
54. Flower
55. War
56. Hate
57. Queen
100 Themes: No. 57 Queen by LucentAtelier
58. Lies
59. Ninja
100 Themes: No. 59 Ninja by LucentAtelier
60. Message
61. Smile
62. Sword
63. Bandage
100 Themes: No. 63 Bandages by LucentAtelier
65. Rainbow
66. Fly Me to the Moon
67. Discovery
68. What?
69. Hold My Hand
70. Underworld
72. Illusion
73. Can You Hear Me?
74. Video Game
75. Wedding
76. Insanity
77. Ice
78. Working Hard
79. Hardly Working
80. Sandwich
81. Doppelganger
82. Clumsy
83. Mother Nature
84. Hope
85. Song
86. Surprise
87. Cursed
88. Epic-ness
100 Themes: No. 88 Epic-Ness by LucentAtelier
89. Internet
90. Fire
91. Peach
92. Lock and Key
93. Annoyance
94. Misunderstanding
95. Eyes
96. Magic
97. Lost
98. Pie
99. Fate
100. Death

As always please feel free to suggest which one I ought to do next. I'm not doing these in any particular order. Some I'm more keen on doing than others. I think for the next several deviations, I will stick with this list because at the rate I'm going at, I won't finish this until the day I'm on my deathbed. lol

Thank you for your interest in my works.
I truly want to become a great illustrator someday.

damphyr Lumina

  • Listening to: SCREAM - 2NE1
  • Watching: How I Met Your Mother
  • Playing: Bravely Default


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I'm working towards being able to host a small contest on my DA page. :D The prizes will be points.

Even though you guys are the ones donating points, for winning the contest, you might walk away with 10 times more than you donated! You can buy yourself a nice subscription, you can go get some DeviantART items, or whatever you please~!

I will be receiving more art materials this summer as well, meaning the more points achieved, the more deviations I post!

Thank you for your donations, however small! Every single point counts! :)

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